Florida Burn Recruiting Video Portal

Florida Burn recruiting videos will be available for pitchers starting May 31, 2020. Position player and hitting videos will be available June 6, 2020. For more information please email staff@floridaburn.com.

The Burn Recruiting Video Portal page will be set up by grad class and in alphabetical order so that recruiters can easily navigate through the information (see example below and click on the video). Each player that secures a video package will have their information set on the Burn website, this portal page, and embed into easy to send mobile links that pop up on a recruiters cell phone or home computer. Given the hand we have been dealt, the Burn recruiting videos are invaluable for today's player looking for exposure.

Registration, payment, and designated time sign-up forms are posted. Filming for pitchers will begin May 31 in scheduled sessions. This portal will become one of the most powerful recruiting tools available because the numbers are documented, accurate, and trusted coming from the Florida Burn. We stake our reputation on that.

Click on the grad class (below) of the player you wish to see!