2020 Grad Summer Program

The Florida Burn will field teams for 2020 grads during the summer. If you are a 2020 grad and would like to play this summer please fill out the application form below and we will contact you with information about the season. This program will run from whatever date we are allowed to open until August 9th. The price will be determined once we have our dates/events set. The purpose for these teams is two-fold. The first is to provide an outlet for any senior who did not have the opportunity to play during this spring's high school season. All players need to get back on the field in some manner so they are ready to play college ball next fall. Competition for college roster spots will be tougher than ever with the NCAA granting another year of collegiate eligibility back to the current players. The second purpose for this program will be to provide exposure for players that were unable to be recruited during their senior season. A large percentage of players still commit to programs during their final high school season. We will attempt to put those players in a position to be seen and recruited this summer. The 2020 Burn teams will enter events, provide showcase exposure to its players, and proceed in the most beneficial way possible for 2020 players.

Our plan is to field two teams in the 2020 class. If you are interested in playing simply fill out the form below and we will get you on the mailing list to keep you informed. As soon as the government provides enough information for us to formulate a schedule/plan we will set a price for these teams. You can expect costs to participate to be extremely affordable.