It was deja vu all over again in Jupiter this weekend as the Florida Burn captured another WWBA World Championship with an 11-2 win over the Dirtbags from North Carolina. The 2020 team went 8-0 through an incredible field at the most talent-rich amateur baseball tournament of the year. Details can be found by clicking the "2019 WWBA World Championship" tab above!


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2018 Perfect Game WWBA World Champions

2019 Perfect Game WWBA World Champions

2018 Perfect Game WWBA World Champions


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Keep the Faith!

As the entire world sits and waits to play again, we all must stay positive and do the best we can. The Florida Burn will play eventually and we will come back even more determined than before. The games will mean more. Our time together will mean more. The lessons we learn on the field from each other will be more valuable. Life will be richer eventually.

We will develop our plan for the summer when the necessary information becomes available. Hopefully all things will pass, heal, be resolved quickly and our schedule remains the same.  If not, we are anticipating that recruiting dates will be changed and an opportunity to play will be extended down the road.  We will adjust  our schedule to ensure each player gains this valuable experience at this point in his career. Whatever course we take, the Florida Burn will do it right. We have 100% faith in that.