The next opportunity to become a member of the Florida Burn will be at our summer tryouts to be held on various dates during the month of January. Each graduating class will tryout on the following specified dates during the month of January:

January 14 (Saturday)-All 2020 and 2021 position players (excluding catchers).

January 15 (Sunday)-All 2019 position players (excluding catchers).

January 21 (Saturday)-All 2018 position players (excluding catchers).

What about the pitchers and catchers? When do the pitchers and catchers tryout? All pitchers and catchers in all graduating classes will tryout on the following date:

January 28 (Saturday)-For all pitchers and catchers.

All catchers will hit, catch and be evaluated on this date. Any pitcher or catcher that wants to try out for another position should attend the tryout date scheduled for their grad class as well as the pitcher/catcher tryout on Jan 28. Those players would attend both dates but only pay one, single fee ($75 for position players).  Players that only pitch will pay the $25 tryout fee.

To register or get more information please go to our Summer Tryout page by clicking on the tab above or by CLICKING HERE.


Click on the Platinum Squad logo for access to the Wilson VIP Premier site. You will need your Burn access password.

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Register today for Summer 2017  tryouts January 14 (2021-2020 position players)

January 15 (2019 position players)

January 21 (2018 position players)

January 28 (All pitchers and catchers)

All tryouts will be held at Venice High School